Two Can Consulting assists with Medicaid applications.

Two Can Consulting assists with Medicaid applications.

Two Can Consulting assists with Medicaid applications.Two Can Consulting assists with Medicaid applications.Two Can Consulting assists with Medicaid applications.

Applying for Medicaid benefits in New Jersey can be an overwhelming process. Two Can Consulting, LLC can help.  

About Us

Who we are

Bernadette Giunta and Christina Mendina have over 20 years experience working with families looking to obtain Medicaid benefits.  We will be your guides from your initial meeting with our company until the Medicaid office reaches a decision.  We will answer any questions you may have both during the application process and after benefits are in place.  We have obtained benefits over the years by working with families, financial institutions, insurance companies and others, for the documentation Medicaid seeks to complete an application successfully.  Medicaid can be a stressful process, but with the assistance of Two Can Consulting, LLC it doesn't have to be.  Let our combined experience help you navigate the involved journey through the Medicaid process.

Our history


Bernadette and Christina have worked for many years in the eldercare industry. We have assisted with Medicaid applications as part of the goal of ensuring a better quality of life for seniors and their families.  After witnessing the growing demand and necessity for Medicaid benefits in New Jersey they decided to establish Two Can Consulting.  Bernadette and Christina know how essential Medicaid benefits are to families throughout New Jersey and will work tirelessly to help you get the aid you need.

Why Medicaid Matters


Medicaid is not just for the elderly.  If you or a family member are disabled, Medicaid can also provide you with the benefits you need.  The costs associated with moving to an assisted living, nursing home, or obtaining in-home care can very quickly add up, depleting a lifetime of savings in a short matter of time.  Even the most carefully prepared savings plan is not always enough to cover expenses that come with aging, illness or sudden disability.  Two Can Consulting is here to answer your Medicaid questions and help you with the application process. Should you require further  financial or legal assistance, we will refer you to the appropriate professionals as needed.

Medicaid Questions and Information


  • What is the primary difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
  •      --Medicare is a federal insurance program that primarily serves people 65 or older.  Medicaid is an assistance program for all ages based on need and benefits vary from state to state.
  • Does Medicaid have an income cap?
  •      -- Technically Medicaid has an income cap, but it does not disqualify you from obtaining benefits.
  • Do I have to be 65 or older to receive Medicaid benefits?
  •      -- No, Medicaid is based on your financial and medical needs.
  • When should I apply for Medicaid benefits?
  •      --This is based on your individual financial situation.  Please call our office at (732)735-3205 for further guidance.
  • How long does it take for Medicaid to reach a decision after an application is filed?
  •      --The process generally takes between three and six months, depending on complexity.

We know you may have additional questions.  Please call or email our office to schedule a free consultation.  Our phone is (732)735-3205 and our email is

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